Student e-magazine to unite high schools

Student e-magazine to unite high schools

Students at Half Moon Bay and Pescadero high schools will team up next semester to produce an online magazine—in English and Spanish. In a project conceived and spearheaded by CLAM, students will collaborate “in the cloud,” without the need for frequent travel between the two schools.

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Let’s make the coast’s literary and journalistic life vibrant and rewarding for everyone who lives in the neighborhoods along the San Mateo County Coast. Coastal Literary Arts Movement fosters appreciation of literature and writing, in English and Spanish.

We work with newspapers, schools and other community organizations to reveal the power of words to educate and enjoy while they bring us together.


We’re starting a blog! Rather than only sharing our thoughts, we’d like to hear yours and share them on our site. Please tell us and the community how the literary arts have enriched your life.

Tell a Story. Hear a Story.

Who doesn’t love a good story? We’ve collected most of the places your neighbors are writing, telling or even performing stories. They’re not all sponsored by Coastal Lit, but we think you should know about them. And participate if you’d like.

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We had questions, too, when we started Coastal Lit. Maybe the same questions as you. We’ve gathered the most frequent ones here. But please ask us anything else you’d like to know.

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