“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

We’re starting a blog! Rather than only sharing our thoughts, we’d like to hear yours and share them on our site. Please tell us and the community how the literary arts have enriched your life.

Here are some suggested topics:

• “The teacher who changed my life”
• “My favorite movies that were based on books, and why I like them”
• “The five greatest books originally published in Spanish”
• “The stage play I saw that I enjoyed the most”
• “Tips for young writers”

Each blog post should your tell your first-person encounter, 500 words or fewer in length. We welcome submissions in English or Spanish. We can’t publish every submission, but will be as inclusive as we can. Email your story to LetsTalk@CoastalLit.org. Thank you!


What a gem! Goldworks shares with CLAM thru 8/31/2019

Coastsiders and their businesses are uncommonly generous, as they demonstrate at Coastside Gives, an annual fundraising fiesta. CLAM’s 501(c)(3) came too late for the May 2019 event, but Goldworks, the family-owned jewelers on Main Street, Half Moon Bay, realized that...

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Make CLAM a habit

Coastal Lit is right here. We see one another often, enjoying the unique pleasures the Coast offers us: from Farmers Market to the redwoods to the Coastal Trail, from Davenport to Daly City. There’s another habit we might share: making a regular, tax-free donation to...

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CLAM’s student journalist begins cultural reports

Who is Jillian Rogdan? Among other distinctions, “Jilly” is the first volunteer student journalist helping Coastal Lit realize our goal of telling the stories of the Latino communities along the Coastside, in Spanish and English. Jilly has been a student journalist...

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I.R.S. grants CLAM 501(c)(3) status

I.R.S. grants CLAM 501(c)(3) status

On July 8, 2019 the Internal Revenue Service approved Coastal Literary Arts Movement (Coastal Lit) as a tax-exempt organization, making its donors’ generous contributions, past and future, tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Approval was expedited by the...

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