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“At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.”

― Leo Babauta

What else can we tell you? Here are some of the questions that we frequently hear. If they don’t tell you what you need to know, please send us an email at See? You’re writing already.

What’s your mission?

The Coastal Literary Arts Movement encourages literary appreciation and journalism in Pacific Coast communities. In other words, it’s our mission to unlock the beauty of words for everyone on the Coast, while connecting people and cultural groups with one another.

How will you realize these goals?

We will sponsor programs that promote and foster literature, creative expression, reporting and independent, bilingual journalism. Where possible we will collaborate with community, media, cultural and educational groups.

Are you doing literacy programs?

In our view, becoming literate is a life-long journey. Certainly, we support the initiatives of the many groups that are already addressing the literacy challenges in our communities. Our attention is “downstream” from basic literacy .We focus on the literary arts, which may include authorship, theater, film, student journalism and other forms of verbal expression. Experiencing literature increases literacy and opens doors to enjoyment, ideas, and awareness.

Does Coastal Lit serve communities outside Half Moon Bay?

Yes. We are committed to serve the entire San Mateo County Coastside. 

How can I participate in Coastal Lit?

We need your participation. Of course, donations are always necessary and appreciated, and we invite your donation here. But your ideas and your time are equally needed and valued. We need volunteers to help us create, shape and run our programs. Maybe you’re a grant writer, an event planner, a proofreader, a blogger. Let us know about your aptitude, and we’re apt to need your help.

I have an idea. How can I tell you about it?

That’s great! We want to hear from you. Email us at

What’s your relationship with the Half Moon Bay Review?

In 2018 a local group, Coastside News Group, Inc. (CNGI), purchased the Half Moon Bay Review (now Digital) to save local journalism from the trend of small papers being shuttered or becoming mere outlets for national content. The group quickly realized that to stay truly independent, the newspaper could not address all the Coastside’s needs for literary development. A literary-oriented nonprofit organization was also needed. The Coastal Literary Arts Movement (Coastal Lit) is that organization.

We have no owners or directors in common with CNGI. Given the prominence of the Review as a resource in our coastal communities, we will naturally want to collaborate with the paper when appropriate, just as we will collaborate with local school districts, civic groups, performing arts companies, the library, and many other program partners.

Why the CLAM logo? What’s the name mean?

Our full name, Coastal Literary Arts Movement, has a convenient acronym with a littoral (which means “seaside”) theme to match our literal mission. The CLAM graphic is just a reminder. Each word in our name says something about us:
• The Coast is more than an intersection of land and water. Coasts inspire creativity, appreciation of beauty, and unity of varied cultures.
• Our Literary inclination recognizes that language is still the human race’s greatest invention. It allows us to collaborate, to entertain, to inform.
Writing is a skill, but literature is an Art. It’s the difference between painting a house and painting the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.
• When people come together for a benevolent purpose it’s called a Movement—an advancement and enhancement of the community.

If we haven’t answered your question, please ask us at

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