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Coastal Lit is right here. We see one another often, enjoying the unique pleasures the Coast offers us: from Farmers Market to the redwoods to the Coastal Trail, from Davenport to Daly City.

There’s another habit we might share: making a regular, tax-free donation to CLAM. It might be the cost of one dinner, movie admission, or cup of coffee.

Make CLAM part of your commitment to the Coast and its future. It’s easy: click here.

So many ways to pitch in
Yes, charities need money, but they need something even more: a little of your time. There’s so much we want to do together: story telling, education, literary expression in all its forms and in our own languages.
Here’s who we are:
• Louie Castoria, Founder and CEO
• Brigid O’Farrell, Director
• Doug Howatt, Director
• Abraham Escalante, Director
Who are you? We’d love to hear from you. Let’s Talk.